Breast Augmentation in Silver Spring, Potomac Maryland

Dr. Stephen Kay, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, can perform breast enhancement that can give you the breast shape and size you have always wanted. During your consultation with Dr. Kay, you can discuss your options for the size and shape that is most desirable.  Dr. Kay performs breast augmentation surgery for patients in Silver Spring and Potomac, Maryland.

Women choose breast augmentation (breast enhancement) with Dr. Kay for many reasons including:

    • Breasts have begun to sag after pregnancy or due to aging
    • Breasts have lost volume
    • Create cleavage
    • Create more balance and symmetry in proportion to the rest of the body
    • One breast is bigger than the other (asymmetrical breasts)
    • Enhance confidence and self-esteem
    • Clothes do not fit properly

If you are interested in learning more or arranging a consultation in our Chevy Chase office to discuss Breast Enhancement in Silver Spring or Potomac? Feel free to give us a call at 301.969.2068 or contact us here through our website.

Breast Augmentation FAQ’s

What type of Breast Implants do you recommend?

Dr. Kay uses either silicone, which feel more natural like breast tissue and saline implants. During your consultation with Dr. Kay will review your options for a Chevy Chase Breast Augmentation. There is a resource called that you can review for more information on breast implants.

Can most women still breast feed after having breast implants?

Usually women can breast feed after breast implant surgery. Dr. Kay will review this during your consultation.

Where do you perform the Silver Spring Breast Augmentation and what type of anesthesia do you recommend?

The Breast Augmentation is performed under General Anesthesia in an outpatient facility.

What is the recovery from the Potomac Breast Augmentation?

Usually within 5-7 days you can return to work depending on the type of work you perform. You will be wearing a support bra after your Chevy Chase Breast Augmentation. The Silver Spring Breast Augmentation can improve your self-image and make you look fabulous in your clothes and bathing suit this summer. Dr. Kays office is located just 8 miles from Potomac and only 6 miles from Silver Spring, Maryland.

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