Ear Surgery in Silver Spring, Potomac Maryland

During the childhood years, children are known to tease other children.  This is especially true for children who may have large, protruding ears. As we get older, having our ears stick out may make us feel self-conscious. Ear Pinning  (Otoplasty), or surgery to correct prominent ears, can be performed anytime after 5 years of age.  Dr. Kay performs ear surgery for patients in Silver Spring and Potomac, Maryland.

Patient’s here in our Chevy Chase, Maryland Plastic Surgery office choose Ear Pinning (Otoplasty) for the following reasons:

  • Helps children or adults feel more confident about their appearance
  • It corrects and recontours the ear cartilage into a more natural shape and appearance for the patient’s face and head.

If you are interested in learning more or arranging an in-office consultation in our Chevy Chase office to discuss our Ear Pinning procedure?  Feel free to give us a call at 301.969.2068 or contact us here through our website.  Dr. Kay does complimentary consultations for patients from Silver Spring and Potomac, MD..

Silver Spring Ear SurgeryFAQ’s

What is the best age to consider Otoplasty?

The best-recommended age for an Otoplasty procedure is from 5-14 years of age. The earlier you have the ear pinning procedure done, the less teasing your child will have during their school years.

Ear surgery can also be performed on adults who want a more natural looking ear.

Where do you perform the Ear Surgery?

The Otoplasty procedure is performed in an outpatient surgical center under local anesthesia combined with a mild sedative or general anesthesia, which is when you are asleep.

What is the recovery like for Otoplasty?

Children can return to school within 5-7 days, and adults can return to work within 3-5 days. Dr. Kay will review in detail your individual recovery plan for after your Otoplasty procedure during your consultation.

Scheduling an Ear Surgery Consultation

If you are ready to see if ear surgery or otoplasty is right for you or your child, give our office a call today at ( 301) 969-2068.  Dr. Kay will be happy meet with you at his Chevy Chase office to decide if otoplasty is right for you.  During the initial consultation, Dr. Kay will answer any questions you may have and explain exactly how the procedure will be performed, including what kind of recovery time may be associated with the procedure.  Dr. Kay’s office is only 6 miles from Silver Spring and only 8 miles from Potomac, Maryland

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