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Why Should Kay Plastic Surgery Perform My Med Spa Treatment?

Is Spider Vein Therapy Right for You?

Spider Vein Treatment Costs

What to Expect?

Your Recovery & Results

Spider veins, technically known as telangiectasia, are red, purple or blue blood vessels that can be seen through the skin, typically in the legs or face. They are more common in women than men, and tend to occur with age. Spider veins are generally harmless, but can sometimes cause discomfort or recurring pain and can feel embarrassing. Spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy can be an excellent option for men and women who wish to diminish the appearance of their spider veins.

Regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase metro area, Dr. Stephen Kay has helped thousands of men and women throughout the Washington D.C. region and beyond feel and look their best. In addition to nonsurgical treatments like spider vein therapy, Dr. Kay also offers a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body.

Please contact us online or call our Chevy Chase plastic surgery practice at 301-951-5120 for more information on spider vein therapy.

Why Should Kay Plastic Surgery Perform My Med Spa Treatment?

  1. Dr. Kay and Susan Kramer, APRN, BC, our plastic surgery nurse practitioner, are experts in non-invasive restoration of the face, balancing and enhancing your best facial features.
  2. Susan Kramer, APRN, BC has over 25 years of extensive education and training in taking care of your non-invasive procedure.
  3. We provide the latest techniques and procedures including BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Radiesse® and fat grafting.
  4. Dr. Kay and Susan Kramer, APRN, BC have injected thousands of patients and restored their self-confidence.
  5. Skin care plays an important part of the holistic experience at Kay Plastic Surgery. In addition to skin care planning, we prepare patients before surgery by taking pre-surgery vitamins and reviewing good nutrition. Our goal is a speedy recovery.
  6. We understand the importance of lowering your discomfort level, shortening your recovery and providing you with natural, amazing results.

Is Spider Vein Therapy Right for You?

Candidates should be in good overall health and want to improve the appearance of spider veins in their legs or face. Women considering spider vein therapy should not be pregnant, and candidates should not have a significant history of blood clots. If you have had blood clots in the past, your candidacy will be decided on an individual basis.

Spider vein therapy can:

  • Diminish the appearance of spider veins in the face, thighs, calves and ankles
  • Expand your wardrobe options as you can once again feel comfortable wearing shorts or skirts
  • Relieve discomfort and pain associated with spider veins
  • Improve confidence in your appearance

Please visit our before and after photo gallery to see real patient results that are possible with sclerotherapy.

Spider Vein Treatment Costs

The costs associated with spider vein treatment will vary depending on the number of sessions, the severity of the veins and the area being treated. Although sclerotherapy is typically considered cosmetic, insurance providers may cover some or all of the cost of spider vein treatment when the purpose of the procedure is to relieve physical discomfort associated with spider veins. Additionally, Dr. Kay and his staff will discuss all of your options for cosmetic surgery financing with you to help make your spider vein treatment as affordable as possible.

What to Expect

Spider vein treatment is a fairly quick, simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis. Although it is possible to have a noticeable effect after only a single treatment, Dr. Kay will typically recommend a number of treatments spaced a few weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

At your consultation, Dr. Kay will discuss what you hope to accomplish with spider vein treatment, your problem areas and any other concerns you have. He will also examine your spider veins to help create a plan for the best treatment results.

The procedure itself typically lasts around 30 to 45 minutes. A formulated salt solution is injected directly into the veins, irritating the lining of the blood vessel and causing the blood to clot. The vessel will then turn to scar tissue and eventually fade away. Sclerotherapy is relatively painless, but some patients experience mild discomfort or cramping for a couple of minutes. Multiple veins can be injected in the same session, depending on the size and location of the veins and your overall health.

Spider vein treatment requires little to no downtime, and patients normally return to their routine immediately after their appointment. The appearance of your spider veins should gradually improve over the next several weeks.

Your Recovery & Results

Because spider vein treatment requires minimal recovery, most patients return to work immediately after. Dr. Kay will ask you to wear a compression garment to assist with circulation following your treatment, and you will schedule a follow-up appointment for a few weeks later.

After treatment, you should notice a significant improvement in the visibility of your spider veins, which should fade further over time, leaving your skin looking more even and smooth in tone. Any pain associated with your spider veins should fade as well. After spider vein treatment, many men and women enjoy greater confidence wearing shorts, sandals or skirts and feel more comfortable overall.

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