Posted on: October 1, 2017

The days when American women are opting for overly large and unnatural looking breast implants are ending. As Europeans and Asians have done for decades, Americans now seek improvement that compliments their overall figure and does not look like an implant. Sensual breasts, whether augmented or natural, have never been about large size alone, but more about contour, projection and balance with the waistline and hips.

Most women now want no more than a one cup size increase to achieve their desired goal: A to B+, or B to C as examples. Fewer patients seek a D cup because large breast size comes with potential problems whether from implants or natural. Women who have naturally large breasts often seek treatment to avoid these problems which may include:

  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Problems fitting off the rack clothing
  • Difficulty with exercise
  • Higher risk of implant visibility outside of breast tissue
  • Longer and more difficult recovery from large implant surgery with greater potential for changes in sensibility.

The best breast augmentation results look so natural that no one knows surgery has been done. And if a woman was happy with her breast contour pre-pregnancy, then often the best solution after children is a modest implant to restore that earlier contour.


Implants Are No Longer the Only Choice

Fat grafting is the latest addition to breast contouring for cosmetic improvement and post-cancer breast reconstruction. Excellent studies show that fat grafting is safe, effective and provides long term improvement, if performed correctly.

Fat is taken using local anesthesia and gentle suction from body sites where it can be spared. The fat is purified, concentrated, and placed into the breasts without open surgery. For modest contouring, say increasing cup size from A to B, fat transfer alone may be sufficient with no implant needed.

Even where an implant may be required to achieve the ideal size and contour, fat is often added to achieve a very natural blending of the breast with the surrounding tissues. And for those patients seeking a breast lift for sagging, fat transfers can help achieve the best contours.


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