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Why Should Dr. Kay Perform My Rhinoplasty?

Is Nose Surgery Right for You?

Rhinoplasty Costs

What to Expect?

Your Recovery & Results

Women and men who are unhappy with the proportions or shape of their nose can benefit from rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery. Rhinoplasty in Washington DC can reshape and resize the nose, as well as resolve ongoing breathing problems due to a deviated septum.

Dr. Stephen Kay is a board certified plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist serving the Bethesda-Chevy Chase metro area who has helped hundreds of women and men improve their health and appearance with nose surgery. Dr. Kay offers a full range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical options for both face and body in addition to rhinoplasty, and sees patients from Washington D.C., the surrounding metro area, and beyond.

Please contact us online or call our Chevy Chase plastic surgery practice at 301-951-5120 for more information on rhinoplasty.

Why Should Dr. Kay Perform My Rhinoplasty?

  1. Dr. Kay is named Washingtonian Top Plastic Surgeon, America’s Top Plastic Surgeon, Castle Connolly Top Plastic Surgeon and Consumer Checkbook Top Plastic Surgeon.
  2. Dr. Kay’s expertise is in cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty procedures with the most natural results.
  3. Dr. Kay specializes in delivering a quick recovery with minimal downtown to advance your speedy recovery.
  4. Dr. Kay takes patient care and safety as his most important priority and he is available for all patients before and after their procedure. At our surgical suite, he has a board certified anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist to deliver the utmost care during your surgery.
  5. Kay Plastic Surgery offers a unique quick recovery plan that includes skin care (before and after surgery), vitamin alternatives and personalized nursing care.

Is Nose Surgery Right for You?

The ideal candidates for nose surgery are in good mental and physical health and have realistic expectations about their results. Rhinoplasty can benefit women and men who are unhappy with an overly prominent or disproportionately small nose, or who have trouble breathing due to their nose structure.

Nose surgery can:

  • Change the size and shape of your nasal tip
  • Eliminate bridge bumps or other contour irregularities
  • educe or increase the size of your nose
  • Narrow your nostril size
  • Correct an injury or birth defect
  • Alleviate breathing problems
  • Reduce snoring

Please visit our before and after photo gallery to see real patient results that are possible after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Costs

The costs associated with your nose surgery will vary depending on the type of surgical approach Dr. Kay takes and whether additional procedures are performed at the same time. These costs will include Dr. Kay’s surgical fee, the use of the surgical facility, and fees for the anesthesiologist.

Sometimes, insurance providers cover some or all of the costs of nose surgery when performed specifically to improve nasal breathing or repair structural damage after an injury. Dr. Kay and his staff can help you gather the necessary insurance paperwork, and are also happy to discuss cosmetic surgery financing options that can help make your nose surgery even more affordable.

What to Expect

Even minor change to the contours of your nose can significantly improve your appearance by bringing your facial features into better harmony. Women and men with overly large or small noses, or noses with bumps, indentations or awkward angles can enjoy the benefits of improved facial contouring with nose surgery. Nose surgery can also address ongoing respiratory problems and correct damage resulting from injury.

During your consultation, Dr. Kay will discuss your goals for nose surgery with you as well as any concerns you may have. He will also explain in detail the specifics of your surgery and recovery so that you’re fully informed about what to expect.

Rhinoplasty offers two options for incision placement, either at the base of the narrow strip that separates your nostrils or inside the nose for a scar-free result. Through these incisions, Dr. Kay can then remove tissue, bone or cartilage to decrease the size of the nose, or he may add tissue and cartilage to create a fuller look. The supportive structures are shaped before the skin is redraped over the new nose structure. In some cases, Dr. Kay may use injectable fillers to further refine your new nose contours.

In the case of a deviated septum, Dr. Kay will make an incision inside the nose to remove the layer of soft tissue lining the nasal passages from the underlying bone and cartilage. He will then trim or straighten the cartilage that forms the septum, the wall that separates the two nostrils and replace the overlying soft tissue.

Your Recovery & Results

Your new nose shape should be noticeable right away after surgery, although swelling is normal at first, along with some bruising. Dr. Kay may ask you to wear bandages and a splint for 1 to 2 weeks following your surgery, and sleep with your head upright for the first several nights. As swelling gradually subsides, you can return to your normal routine, and bruises that have not completely faded yet can be covered by makeup.

After your rhinoplasty, the contours of your nose should better complement the rest of your facial features for a sculpted and proportionate look. If your nasal structure was the cause of breathing difficulties or snoring, you can enjoy the relief of breathing with ease again. You can learn more about a rhinoplasty procedure here or by visiting Dr. Kay’s page on RealSelf.

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