Rosacea Cosmetic Surgery  

Rosacea is a condition that causes your skin to become red and flushed in your cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and near your mouth. Rosacea can also present around your ears, chest and back. Rosacea can cause your face and other areas affected to become red, itch, swell, and for pimples to appear.

Some treatments for Rosacea can be either topical skin care products that are prescribed here in our office by Dr. Kay, or a combination of other cosmetic options utilized here in our Chevy Chase office to decrease the symptoms of your Rosacea.

During your consultation with Dr. Kay, he will help to select the best options for treating your Rosacea. There may be laser treatments that can selectively treat specific areas of concern, with the result being a boost your self-confidence and a better look and feel to your appearance.

Please contact us online or call our Chevy Chase plastic surgery practice at 301-951-5120 for more information on Rosacea.


What types of treatment help Rosacea?

Different lasers can safely help improve the skin of patients with Rosacea. The laser treatment may require multiple monthly treatments to successfully treat your Rosacea.

What should I expect after my laser treatment?

Your skin may be red after your laser treatment, but this will fade after a couple of days. It may take weeks to see the improvement from your laser treatment.

How can I start my Rosacea treatment?

You can schedule an individualized consultation with Dr. Kay to review your options about treating your Rosacea.

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