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Why Should Dr. Kay Perform Ear Pinning for Me or My Child?

Is Ear Surgery Right for You?

Ear Surgery Costs

What to Expect?

Your Recovery & Results

There’s not much that can damage a child’s self-esteem more than teasing and bullying from other children about a physical trait, like ears that stick out a little too far. Cosmetic ear surgery in Washington DC, often called ear pinning, can help correct prominent or oversized ears so children feel less embarrassed about their appearance. Although frequently scheduled between the ages of 5 and 14, ear surgery can be performed on adults as well.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Kay has helped hundreds of children and adults from Washington D.C. and beyond feel more positive about the shape and placement of their ears. In addition to ear surgery, Dr. Kay also offers a full range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical options for both face and body.

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Why Should Dr. Kay Perform Ear Pinning for Me or My Child?

  1. Dr. Kay is named Washingtonian Top Plastic Surgeon, America’s Top Plastic Surgeon, Castle Connolly Top Plastic Surgeon and Consumer Checkbook Top Plastic Surgeon.
  2. Dr. Kay takes patient care and safety as his most important priority and he is available for all patients before and after their procedure. At our surgical suite, he has a board certified anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist to deliver the utmost care during your surgery.

Is Ear Surgery Right for You?

The best candidates for ear pinning, technically known as otoplasty, should be in good general health physically and mentally and have realistic expectations about their results. Although most children are candidates for ear surgery at a very young age, emotional maturity is as important as physical ear maturity for the best results.

Ear surgery can:

  • Correct and recontour ear cartilage
  • Correct
  • Offer a more proportionate frame for the facial features
  • Create better balance throughout the face and head
  • Help prevent psychological damage due to aggressive teasing from peers
  • Give kids or adults more confidence in their appearance

Please visit our before and after photo gallery to see real patient results that are possible after ear pinning surgery.

Ear Surgery Costs

The costs associated with otoplasty will vary depending on which type of surgical approach Dr. Kay takes. The total charges for your procedure will include Dr. Kay’s surgical fee, the use of the surgical facility, and any anesthesiologist fees. Although most insurance providers consider ear surgery to be primarily cosmetic, some health insurance plans may offer coverage if the procedure is being performed to correct a congenital defect or deformity. Dr. Kay and his staff can give you more details on cosmetic surgery financing that can help make your ear surgery even more affordable.

What to Expect

Along with improving the physical appearance or placement of your child’s ears, otoplasty can help bolster their self-confidence as well, particularly if their ears are a common target for unkind nicknames. Adults, too, can benefit from ear surgery, either to correct an ear shape they’ve always felt self-conscious about or to refine the results of a childhood otoplasty.

During your consultation, Dr. Kay will explain what you can expect from ear pinning, along with explaining the surgical steps and how you can help your child feel supported throughout the process.

Ear pinning in children is usually performed under general anesthesia, while adults may undergo this fairly simple surgery with a local anesthetic plus sedation. Dr. Kay may take one or several steps during surgery to improve ear shape:

  • Reshape soft tissue and cartilage
  • Remove excess skin or cartilage
  • Pull the ears closer to the head
  • Improve proportions in ears that are very small
  • Adjust placement of ears that sit too close to the head
  • Correct existing asymmetry between ears

Ear surgery is a relatively quick procedure followed by a similarly brief recovery period that can have a significant, positive impact on the quality of life for either child or adult.

Your Recovery & Results

Your ears should look different right away after surgery. Dr. Kay will have you wear a bandage over the ears at first, followed by wearing a special post-surgical headband while sleeping for the next few weeks. Discomfort after ear pinning is typically mild, and can be managed with regular over-the-counter medications.

Following your surgery, your ears should have a more natural shape that’s in better balance with the rest of your facial features, and should also be placed evenly on either side of your head. Because even very small changes to your ears’ profile can make a big difference in your appearance, ear surgery can have a very beneficial impact both physically and psychologically.  You can learn more about ear surgery here or by visiting Dr. Kay’s page on RealSelf.

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