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Why Should Dr. Kay Perform My Arm Lift?

Is Arm Lift Surgery Right for You?

Arm Lift Costs

What to Expect?

Your Recovery & Results

The appearance of the upper arm can impact the entire upper body. Arms that look flabby or have droopy skin can feel embarrassing, especially in more revealing clothing. An arm lift removes excess skin and fat through the upper arms to improve the sagginess that comes with aging, or following major weight loss.

Dr. Stephen Kay is recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase metro area, and has helped thousands of patients from the Washington D.C. area look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery. In addition to arm lifts, Dr. Kay offers a full range of facial and body cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for women and men.

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Why Should Dr. Kay Perform My Arm Lift?

  1. Dr. Kay is named Washingtonian Top Plastic Surgeon, America’s Top Plastic Surgeon, Castle Connolly Top Plastic Surgeon and Consumer Checkbook Top Plastic Surgeon.
  2. Kay Plastic Surgery offers a unique quick recovery plan that includes skin care (before and after surgery), vitamin alternatives and personalized nursing care.
  3. Dr. Kay takes patient care and safety as his most important priority and he is available for all patients before and after their procedure. At our surgical suite, he has a board certified anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist to deliver the utmost care during your surgery.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Right for You?

The best candidates for arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, are those women and men who are in good mental and physical health, but notice sagging skin or excess tissue through their upper arms. This can occur as a result of significant weight loss, or may develop as a product of age.

An arm lift can:

  • Remove loose skin through the upper arms
  • Tighten supportive soft tissues in the arms for a smoother look
  • Restore a youthful look to the upper body
  • Work in combination with other post-weight loss body contouring surgeries
  • Help accentuate your weight loss efforts
  • Boost your self-confidence and help you feel more positive about your body

Please visit our before and after photo gallery to see the real patient results that are possible after an arm lift.

Arm Lift Costs

The costs associated with your arm lift will vary depending on a number of different factors, including whether other procedures are performed at the same time. Total costs will include Dr. Kay’s surgical fee as well as the fees associated with anesthesia and the surgical facility plus any follow-up appointments that are recommended. Dr. Kay and his staff will go over all the available options for cosmetic surgery financing that can help make your brachioplasty even more affordable.

What to Expect

As part of the normal aging process, skin and soft tissues lose their firmness and start to sag, helped along by gravity. In women particularly, the appearance of the arm softens as a result of age-related hormonal fluctuations that change the way the body stores fat.

Droopiness in the skin and fatty tissue deposits can also remain behind after losing a large amount of weight very rapidly, as is typically seen following bariatric surgery. Arm lift surgery improves the contours of the upper arm for a look that’s slimmer, younger and more toned.

During your consultation, Dr. Kay will discuss your goals for surgery, as well as the results you hope to achieve. In some cases, he may recommend incorporating additional body contouring procedures such as liposuction so you can see the best possible results.

The surgical approach Dr. Kay uses during your procedure may vary depending on the level of correction needed, but typically requires an incision that runs from armpit to elbow and can be hidden by your normal standing posture when your arms are at your sides. In some cases, the incision may be a bit shorter, or even limited to the underarm. Those patients who have fattiness through the upper arms but still retain good skin firmness and elasticity may see positive results from liposuction alone to improve arm contours.

Your Recovery & Results

An arm lift can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on Dr. Kay’s recommendation and your personal preferences. You can expect to feel sore and notice swelling through the upper arms, and Dr. Kay may recommend wearing a special supportive bandage or garment to help your arms conform to their new contours as well as keep you more comfortable.

Recovery after brachioplasty typically takes about a week to 10 days, although the exact time varies based on whether additional surgeries were performed at the same time and your body’s natural healing response.

After your arm lift, your arms should look trimmer in a way that better enhances your existing muscle tone and complements your upper body. You can feel more confident wearing sleeveless fashions, and will no longer have to worry about upper arms that continue waving long after you’ve said your goodbyes. If you would like to learn more about arm lift surgery, you can do so here or by visiting Dr. Kay on RealSelf.

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