Scar Treatment

Scars are part of the body’s normal healing process, but not every scar heals optimally. For those women and men troubled by conspicuous scarring, keloids or other scar appearance concerns, scar treatment can help.

Dr. Stephen Kay is considered one of the best plastic surgeons serving women and men throughout the Bethesda-Chevy Chase metro area. In addition to helping thousands of people from the Washington D.C. area and beyond to feel better about their appearance with scar revision, Dr. Kay also offers a full range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for both face and body.

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Why Should Kay Plastic Surgery Perform My Med Spa Treatment?

  1. Dr. Kay and Susan Kramer, APRN, BC, our plastic surgery nurse practitioner, are experts in non-invasive restoration of the face, balancing and enhancing your best facial features.
  2. Susan Kramer, APRN, BC has over 25 years of extensive education and training in taking care of your non-invasive procedure.
  3. We provide the latest techniques and procedures including BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Radiesse® and fat grafting.
  4. Dr. Kay and Susan Kramer, APRN, BC have injected thousands of patients and restored their self-confidence.
  5. Skin care plays an important part of the holistic experience at Kay Plastic Surgery. In addition to skin care planning, we prepare patients before surgery by taking pre-surgery vitamins and reviewing good nutrition. Our goal is a speedy recovery.
  6. We understand the importance of lowering your discomfort level, shortening your recovery and providing you with natural, amazing results.

Is Scar Treatment Right for You?

The best candidates for scar treatment feel embarrassed about the appearance of one or more scars, and have waited at least 6 months for scars to mature before seeking treatment. Scar revision is most commonly pursued for scars on the face, but can help improve the appearance of scars located nearly anywhere on the face or body.

Scar treatment can:

  • Make scars thinner and less noticeable
  • Correct scar edges to allow for better blending with surrounding skin
  • Relocate the scar to a less visible area
  • Excise existing scar completely to create a new, more favorable scar
  • Facilitate the healing process
  • Include microdermabrasion to refine outer scar edges and surface
  • Fade redness or other hyperpigmentation using DOT therapy laser resurfacing
  • Help you feel less self-conscious and more confident about your appearance

Please visit our before and after photo gallery to see real patient results that are possible with scar treatment.

Scar Treatment Costs

The costs associated with scar revision can vary depending on the type and size of scar tissue being treated, which procedures are necessary and whether Dr. Kay recommends multiple sessions or treatments. Some types of scar treatment may be covered by health insurance, so it’s a good idea to check with your provider. The total costs will include the necessary procedure or procedures, along with Dr. Kay’s medical fees. While costs are kept low by performing scar revision as an outpatient procedure, Dr. Kay and his staff will go over all the available options for cosmetic surgery financing that can help make your treatment even more affordable.

What to Expect

The approach Dr. Kay uses to improve the appearance of your scar will vary depending on the scar type and location.

  • Acne scars can range from deep indentations to surface irregularities, and active acne can also leave behind discoloration.
  • Contracture scars tighten the skin, as in the case of burned tissue. Severe contracture scarring can impair muscles and nerves.
  • Hypertrophic scars are caused by an excess of collagen that causes the scar to remain raised and red instead of flattening and fading as it should.
  • Keloid scars are similar to hypertrophic scars, but extend beyond the original wound edges in an overly aggressive healing response from the body.

Each type of scar may respond better to a specific technique, depending on how your body responds and many other factors. Dr. Kay will develop a customized treatment plan to improve the appearance of your scars, sometimes using a combination of several different procedures if needed. Some of these may be performed at the same time, while others may need to be spaced a few weeks or months apart for the best results.

In some cases, Dr. Kay may recommend pursuing other skincare options prior to scar revision. For example, if acne scars are a concern, then effective acne treatment can first help minimize existing breakouts as a preventative measure against additional scarring.

Your Recovery & Results

The improvement of your scar may be almost immediate, or may require several staged treatments spread over a longer period of time before you can see your final results. Most scar revisions require very little recovery time if any, so you can expect to return to your normal daily routine right away.

After scar treatment, the affected area should look more natural and blend better into the surrounding skin, becoming much less noticeable overall.

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