Posted on: January 20, 2016

Preparing For Liposuction – Washington DC

Preparing for your post-op surgery is so important as you prepare your body for Liposuction.  Now, as you prepare for your New Year’s resolution list- it is time to prepare yourself emotionally and physically for your new plan for 2016. If you are having Liposuction, you need to prioritize your meal plan and exercise plan to help you achieve the best results after your Liposuction.  You are in  control of keeping a healthy diet and start sculpting your body.

Looking great, feel good – correct?

After your Liposuction, you will see dramatic results immediately. At Kay Plastic Surgery, we review all your post-operative needs, so you have a fast recovery. Looking at your new body after your procedure will help to jump start your new lifestyle to maintain your trimmer, fitter you.

Eat Smart

Don’t fall back into your holiday eating habits. It is time to start your Kay Plastic Surgery meal plan to maintain and improve your new body. Your specialized meal plan menu will be started before your procedure and maintained after your procedure.

Stay fit and active

At Kay Plastic Surgery, we will recommend when you can resume your exercise program. If you are not very active we will implement an exercise plan for you after your Liposuction. You are going to be motivated to keep up your new exercise plan to maintain and improve your new fit and slim tummy, arms, or thighs.

Your inner soul

Having liposuction may boost your self-confidence. Happiness is what you can feel within and having Liposuction can help reinvent that confidence that lies within your inner soul.

Follow-up care at Kay Plastic Surgery

You know you feel amazing in your new bathing suit or skinny jeans after your Liposuction. We will provide follow-up care for you after your Liposuction procedure to include a meal plan and exercise program, so you can maintain your new look.

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