Posted on: September 20, 2018

Body Sculpting includes procedures that can reshape your torso by removing extra fat, tightening your muscles and removing extra skin. We offer a variety of procedures, some non-invasive, to achieve your goal.

Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting rid of fat and loose skin can be difficult. This is especially true for many women after pregnancy. At Kay Plastic Surgery, we help both women and men everyday achieve a healthier and happier life by combining skilled medical care with successful lifestyle counseling to restore a youthful appearing body. You can achieve this too and look great this holiday season.

At Kay Plastic Surgery, some of our treatment options include:

Tummy Tuck: This is a great option for anyone who has had a large weight loss, or where extra skin and fat are a problem with clothing fit and appearance. A tummy tuck may include restoring muscle contour after multiple pregnancies, or just recontouring fat and skin.

Liposuction is usually done in combination with tummy tuck but is also a very successful stand-alone procedure to recontour your entire torso. Liposuction can improve the circumferential contour including your abdomen and back. This would allow you to look great in your skinny jeans this holiday!

If you want to look great this holiday, and body sculpting is an option for you, call to make your free consultation at Kay Plastic Surgery.

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