Posted on: July 14, 2016

Breast Augmentation: Who’s Having It in Washington, D.C.?

You would be surprised how many women in Washington, D.C. are deciding to have breast augmentation. When we speak with patients in our practice, we hear that they didn’t realize so many women have struggled with the decision to have breast augmentation surgery.

We hope you realize that you are not alone in considering breast augmentation. Augmentation procedures can be done with breast implants, fat grafting to the breasts or both. There are three distinct reasons women choose to have Dr. Kay at Kay Plastic Surgery perform their breast augmentation procedure

1. Mommy Makovers

Pregnancy and childbirth can be especially hard on a women’s body. You can experience a loss of breast tissue and have breast tissue that is deflated and lost its shape, causing drooping and sagging breasts.

Breast augmentation can not only restore your pre-pregnancy breasts, many women look and feel better than ever before after augmentation.

Women in Washington, D.C. want to restore their bodies back to look like they did before breast feeding two or three babies. Mothers will choose to just want. At Kay Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kay will review the best options for your breast augmentation.

2. Women With Small Breasts

Over 300,000 breast augmentations that are performed yearly in the U.S. Many patients in Washington, D.C. seen in our office have small breasts, also called micromastia. This is a medical condition where breasts are underdeveloped or never.

Dr. Kay has helped women of all ages feel more confident about their body with breast augmentation. We hear our patients say after surgery they finally feel amazing in that bathing suit or tank top they always wanted to wear. There are a variety of sizes of breast implants, both saline and silicone. There is also the option of fat grafting to the breast – the no breast implant procedure.

You will need to be evaluated to see if you are a candiate. Also, Dr. Kay may recommend a combination of breast implant and fat grafting depending on your optimal outcome.

3. Asymmetrical Breasts

There are a lot of women who develop asymmetrical breasts as they go through breast development during puberty. This may mean that the breast could be a B-cup and the contralateral breast could be a D-cup, or it could be just a cup size difference.

The women with asymmetrical breasts may be very embarrassed in their lingerie or bathing suits. They may also be self-conscious in an intimate relationship.

Any woman in good health with any of these issues may request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kay for a Washington, D.C. Breast Augmentation procedure with breast implants, with fat grafting or both. Come in today to see how you can look great wearing your next bathing suit, tank top or lingerie purchase. We look forward to seeing you in our practice.

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