Posted on: November 10, 2016

Everyone wants to look amazing for the holidays. I know you want to look great for the holidays, but you need to start planning your new look now. Thanksgiving and your New Year’s party are just around the corner, so start your cosmetic improvement now at Kay Plastic Surgery. Here is your holiday plan guide recommendation for women and men.


Breast Augmentation (Plan 1-2 months before)


A breast augmentation will increase the fullness of your breast, improve the proportions and balance of your breast. It will correct any asymmetry between your breasts and revitalize your figure following weight loss or pregnancy. The recovery time is about 7-10 days, but it may take months for the implants to settle to obtain the most natural results. Get ready today and schedule your complimentary breast augmentation consultation at Kay Plastic Surgery.


Liposuction (Plan 1 month before)


Liposuction can remove fat cells from the abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, buttocks, neck and face. It can help eliminate common problem areas, such as the love handles or your muffin top. Liposuction is done as an outpatient procedure and you can be back to work/activities within a week. Schedule your complimentary liposuction consultation today, so you can have a sleeker, more toned appearance before the holiday.


Eyelid Procedure (Plan 1 month before)


Eyelid surgery can help reduce the puffiness under your eyes and the hooding or extra skin above and below your eyes. It is an outpatient procedure and the recovery is minimal. Your results are fabulous and if planned with our up to date procedures and a holistic approach, you can look great for the holidays.


Botox®/Dysport® (Plan 3 weeks before)


Botox®/Dysport® can treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles, smooth crow’s feet (creases around your eyes), relax neck bands to improve your neck contour, relieve your headaches and even treat your excessive sweating in your underarms. The results will occur within 10 days to 2 weeks, so plan your botox treatment within 3-4 weeks of the special holiday event.


Fillers (Plan 2-3 weeks before)


Different fillers can help restore lost volume in your cheeks, restore and enhance your cheeks, brow, lips, smooth acne scarring, improve hollowness under your eyes and improve your nasolabial folds. At Kay Plastic Surgery we offer a wide array of fillers, Juverdem®, Restylane®, Voluma® and Radiesse. With our holistic approach your results are immediate with minimal bruising or swelling. Schedule your complimentary and procedure the same day.


So, here is a chance to give yourself a gift for the holidays and look great at Kay Plastic Surgery. Schedule your complimentary consultation to see which procedures can make you look your best this holiday season.


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