Posted on: November 20, 2015

The countdown to the holiday season has begun, and like most people, you are probably looking forward to holiday parties and special events with family, friends, and some new faces. To put your best impression forward, facial procedures may be what you need to enhance and refresh your appearance. These procedures can shed years off your face, restoring contours around the jawline, cheek, and nose.
If you are self-conscious about these aging flaws or just want to start new with a makeover, we will be happy to help with any of these facial procedures and more this holiday season:
Botox® − Botox is a very popular facial injection that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, including crow’s feet and forehead furrows. The procedure is very quick and has minimal complications associated with it. Results begin to become visible within a day or two and generally last up to 4 months.
Facial Fat Grafting – If you’ve had injectable treatments, but want more permanent results, facial fat grafting could be beneficial for you. Utilizing your own fat from another part of the body, this procedure can achieve a vibrant, younger appearance by filling and plumping cheeks and lips in the most natural and long lasting way.
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) – The rejuvenating effects of eyelid surgery can correct sagging or excessive skin around the upper and lower eyelids. This procedure opens up your eyes for a more alert and lively appearance.
Brow Lift – Aging can lower the brows, which can have an unpleasant affect to your face. A brow lift can elevate the eyebrows and improve forehead lines that create a fresh and younger appearance. A brow lift can improve other areas that eyelid surgery can’t fix.
This season is generally a good time for patients who want cosmetic surgery because of the extra time off of work and the constant social events they attend. Put your best, restored face forward this holiday season with the benefits of facial procedures.

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